Saturday, June 4, 2011

New finds...Pie Safe and Clock face!

 Matt has found something great once again! He came home a few nights ago with this GREAT pie safe. I've always wanted one. Can't you just picture it on an old porch filled with pies cooling. Cherry,peach,apple I can just smell them!
I have it in my bedroom now. Not quite sure how I'm going to decorate it yet. I need to live with it for a few days. Maybe it will "speak" to me.

He also found this great metal clock face. (It says Howard Miller on it!) It's very heavy and old world looking. Not sure where it's going but I'm excited to find out!

It's beautiful and sunny here in Southern Indiana. It's also HOT! 96 degrees today. Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I love my Hoosier Cabinet...

 My Hoosier cabinet is one of "My Favorite Things"!
Sometimes it's red,white and blue Americana. But right now it's bubblegum pink,spring apple green and cream!

Everything is from yard sales, thrift stores and flea markets.I love to fill mason jars with split peas, pinto beans and grains! It really gives that vintage feel.
You've seen that enamel bucket before! It's always turning up in a new place in the house!!

The cabinet is all eye candy on top but underneath it's a workhorse! It hold tons of pots,pans,platters and dishes!!! And those drawers are filled with lots of tealights! (An obsession of mine!)

When you are looking to buy a piece think of how you will use it and what it can do for you!!

**Matt found (in the trash!) a pie safe for me last night! I've been wanting one for soooooo long!  I'll take pics tomorrow when I get it just how I want it!

Good night!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Love Begins at Home

Alright...Let's work on my master bedroom today!
Here's what I love: the window vignette above my bed, my bed and bedding, the sconces on either side of the bed, the curtains, the baker's rack and lingerie chest.

Here's what I don't like: the shades in my ceiling fan (which I think is pretty:but) give off a yellowish cast that makes the room feel gloomy. The walls need a fresh coat of paint!!!

Well-that's not too bad! I've been looking a paint chips for weeks to brighten things up. Then my wonderful husband finds clear glass shades on line for a total of $35! Much cheaper than buying a NEW ceiling fan! So-I am ordering those today. And then I thought to myself it's not really the wall color that I don't like. I do like it! So I'm buying the paint I need to repaint this weekend.  Luckily for me when we moved in 5 years ago I started a binder to keep track of the different paints and things we used for each room. So-I can match it perfectly.  So stay tuned-I should have the room redone in a week or two.

Now-I know you're wondering where I got the accessories for the room,right?

The window was out of the trash.

The molding/pediment above the bed and the porch column were from an old house torn down in Georgetown. (free)

The bedding was from (love that site!) (bed-skirt-yard sale $1)

The sign was from Hobby Lobby for $3 and the pip berry and star garland was from a flea market for $11.

Thanks for looking! There's more to show in the room (my $20 yard sale baker's rack that I love!) but I'll post more tomorrow!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!