Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Love Begins at Home

Alright...Let's work on my master bedroom today!
Here's what I love: the window vignette above my bed, my bed and bedding, the sconces on either side of the bed, the curtains, the baker's rack and lingerie chest.

Here's what I don't like: the shades in my ceiling fan (which I think is pretty:but) give off a yellowish cast that makes the room feel gloomy. The walls need a fresh coat of paint!!!

Well-that's not too bad! I've been looking a paint chips for weeks to brighten things up. Then my wonderful husband finds clear glass shades on line for a total of $35! Much cheaper than buying a NEW ceiling fan! So-I am ordering those today. And then I thought to myself it's not really the wall color that I don't like. I do like it! So I'm buying the paint I need to repaint this weekend.  Luckily for me when we moved in 5 years ago I started a binder to keep track of the different paints and things we used for each room. So-I can match it perfectly.  So stay tuned-I should have the room redone in a week or two.

Now-I know you're wondering where I got the accessories for the room,right?

The window was out of the trash.

The molding/pediment above the bed and the porch column were from an old house torn down in Georgetown. (free)

The bedding was from (love that site!) (bed-skirt-yard sale $1)

The sign was from Hobby Lobby for $3 and the pip berry and star garland was from a flea market for $11.

Thanks for looking! There's more to show in the room (my $20 yard sale baker's rack that I love!) but I'll post more tomorrow!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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