Saturday, June 25, 2011

Yard Sale finds and a Candlestick Obsession!

Some yard sale finds from this morning! I found these 2 black candlesticks (I have an obsession) for $3 total. I use these as ways to elevate things~not just for candles! You can also put a plate on top and turn them into cake plates/stands!

I found this adorable quilted pillow for a $1. Love the pink, blue and white. Also found the antique bottle with very old shabby label for  50 cents!

Matt found this wagon in the trash last weekend and I just had to put it out front! I put a pot of herbs in it but I plan to fill it up!

Found this for 50 cents today. Perfect for the 4th!

This topiary (Matt found 2 off these for me a few weeks ago for $1 a piece!) is great. But when we went to the Cheddar Box last weekend they had almost the same ones (Only larger) and they had pretty hounds-tooth ribbon. I found this black and white polka dot ribbon at Michael's and added it for the perfect touch!

Enjoy your day!


Patriotic Pillow Giveaway!

Give away at Kathy's Cottage! Patriotic Pillow! Tell her I sent you!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Great day with family...

I had a great time the last couple of days with my mom and our cousins Christine and Tracey. They are visiting from Atlanta. We went to Huber's Winery for a wine tasting yesterday. That was my first time to do an official tasting!
Then today we went to the Butterfly Cafe at Dolfinger's in Louisville. As you can see by our delicious plates it was yummy!
Christine and Tracey each brought me some thoughtful gifts.
Pictures at the bottom are Georgia Pecans and Peanuts!

Enjoy your day...


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sweet peas...

 My son, Drew, and I went outside for a bit this morning.He took this pic of me. (It's 94 degrees and humid here). We played Wiffle ball, frisbee and took a walk around our property. We love the cascading patch of sweet peas not far from our porch. Aren't they pretty! And we found a wild blackberry patch as well! Can't wait until they are ripe and ready for jam and pies!

Enjoy your day!~

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bird's of a Feather...

I love this birdcage! It holds a raspberry lemonade candle (don't you just adore candles?). I had the antique pictures and was looking for a way to display them in a different way~I picked up mini clothes pins at my craft store and clipped them on! I get lots of compliments on this piece. It makes me happy to look at~which is the criteria for anything that goes into my home!