Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gerbera Daisies,Hen and Chicks and Geraniums!

The kids and I planted 3 flats of annuals today! I'm going back this week for more and more and more!
Matt is cutting the grass, we've cleaned my sons room, Catie is at tennis! Whew-we have had one productive weekend!

The flowers make me so very happy! I love seeing them as I drive past the front of the house and into the driveway. The urns on the front porch are just the right punch of color to accent our red front door and bright yellow forsythia wreath!

The hen and chicks are just so fascinating to me! I've had these for years and years! They are great for filling in here and there. They love being divided and replanted! I'm planting some 4 o"clocks tomorrow and planning out my next trip to the nursery!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend like we did!

Shannon & family