Friday, July 29, 2011

~Dreaming of Fall decorating~

It's so hot out! I'm dreaming of FALL and cool, crisp weather. Not to mention decorating! Bonfires, trick-or-treating and apple cider. (I think my body temp just went down a few degrees!)
This is a centerpiece that I did last fall. I had 3 containers of various sizes. You can use anything that you have or pick something up at Goodwill or a yard sale.  Fill about half way with candy corn and nestle in a real or as I did a battery operated candle. I bought a roll of rusty orange colored tulle at a yard sale and made bows for all 3 holders.
TIP:  Candy corn can be frozen in freezer bags and used for decorating the next year to keep costs down.

So~even though it's too hot to venture outside~grad those decorating magazines and look through all those great blogs out there for Fall decorating ideas. October will be here in 8 weeks!!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

~Freshened Up Front Porch~

 A fresh coat of paint on the front porch did wonders for the curb appeal of my home. Now the front door really pops. When we put in a new front door last year we had to patch the spot where there had been a side light. It was one of those projects that needed finishing! Now with salvaged trim that my hubby had in the garage I couldn't be happier.Uncle Sam (a $1 garage sale find years ago) will stay in his place until after Labor Day. (When I'll be ITCHING to decorate for FALL!) The green box filled with geraniums was found in the trash! And my urns (I'm really proud of them this year!) look wonderful against the new grey paint!

Thanks for stopping by! Knock on my door and we'll have some sweet tea with an orange slice and talk about all out great finds!


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Monday, July 25, 2011

Kabob Krazy...

Saturday we had family over and I went Kabob crazy!
I have been wanting to make them for awhile now. Boy was it more work then I had planned on! I made Shrimp,Chicken and Vegetable kabobs and Fruit ones as well! The presentation turned out beautifully along with some Red Sangria in my beautiful Beverage Server. I will definitely do this again but I'm going to enlist some help from my husband and daughter next time so I'll have time to freshen up before the guests arrive. I used a garlic and herb marinade for the shrimp and a teryaki marinade for the chicken. I used olive oil and salt and pepper for the vegetable kabobs. We had a Caramel cake from the Sweet Stuff Bakery for dessert! YUM!!

Here is a pic of our finished walkway! We began the project a couple of weeks ago. I love it! An inexpensive do it yourself project! We are finishing the landscaping today and some much needed painting. This weekend we are putting pea gravel down around our fire pit area. I can't wait until Fall weather comes and we can enjoy a glass of wine with a roaring fire. My daughter's Sweet 16 party will be in November and she wants to have a bonfire. I am already planning the menu and decorations!! More on that later...

Have a wonderful week...