Thursday, June 2, 2011

I love my Hoosier Cabinet...

 My Hoosier cabinet is one of "My Favorite Things"!
Sometimes it's red,white and blue Americana. But right now it's bubblegum pink,spring apple green and cream!

Everything is from yard sales, thrift stores and flea markets.I love to fill mason jars with split peas, pinto beans and grains! It really gives that vintage feel.
You've seen that enamel bucket before! It's always turning up in a new place in the house!!

The cabinet is all eye candy on top but underneath it's a workhorse! It hold tons of pots,pans,platters and dishes!!! And those drawers are filled with lots of tealights! (An obsession of mine!)

When you are looking to buy a piece think of how you will use it and what it can do for you!!

**Matt found (in the trash!) a pie safe for me last night! I've been wanting one for soooooo long!  I'll take pics tomorrow when I get it just how I want it!

Good night!

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